Council agree Bonus for Care Workers

As members will recall from Sean’s last update, we successfully had the London Living Wage built into the new Council Care contracts which were to be rolled out from April onward. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has caused a delay in the transition to the new arrangements. UNISON has been fully involved in discussions with the Council – both officers and Elected members – on this situation, and all recognise that the present time is not the time to cause potential upheaval for care-workers and, most importantly, to the vulnerable clients they support.

We were pleased to be able to agree with the council a temporary arrangement that will see care workers receive an hourly uplift in the form of a bonus, which will be payable to home-care workers delivering care for the council under the existing contracts. The details for the payment of this are still being finalised at the moment, but we recognise the council’s actions at a time when these workers are at the front line of the response to this disease. The payments will be worth up to £1000.00 for the period April-June 2020.

We remain in active consultation with the council on implementing the roll out of the new care model as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.

We at UNISON recognise the value of the contribution made by our Care-workers to society, especially in the current times, as well as the commitment the Council has shown to ensuring the delay to their much-needed and deserved increase in pay is covered until some form of normality returns to society.